Onco-Integrative Inc. is an oncology analysis research company, which specializes in case oriented meta-analysis. Our goal is to characterize as many new effective therapeutic approaches for treating cancer as possible, to optimize the treatment efficacy in our clients.

Our clients are oncology patients, family members and friends of oncology patients and recovering oncology patients, who are interested in a personal medical data analysis and a personal statistical analysis. Our analysis is designed to assist in selecting the most effective therapeutic approach for our client considering his specific medical condition. We offer a reliable, objective tool for managing the disease and guiding the course of therapy.


Medical Data Analysis
Our research team conducts comprehensive studies to identify new diagnostic methods and therapeutic options, using the leading evidence-based medical oncology databases. The research is designed with direct compatibility with the client’s medical file and is accompanied by an exact statistical report. The statistical report is intended to allow comparison between the different diagnostic and therapeutic options that are presented to the client. The analysis is managed and supervised by a senior physician, who specializes in medical research.

Molecular Diagnostics
Our team researches the medical databases to reveal new advanced diagnostic methods, such as: tissue based diagnosis, molecular and genetic diagnosis. These diagnostic methods, which are supported by clinical evidence, can indicate patient-specific “targeted-therapies” or the use of predictive biomarkers to assess chemotherapy effectiveness. Onco-Integrative Inc. is in direct contact with the world’s leading cancer diagnostic institutes and enables delivery of diagnostic results from these institutes according to a personal order.

Onco-Integrative Inc. locates the prominent physicians of the relevant field in Israel and around the world, in order to receive second-opinions. These senior physicians, who are selected according to the specific details of each case and the opinions provided, are to answer specific questions that rise from the medical research. Second-opinions can be given either by one senior physician or by a number of senior physicians after a joint consultation of the case, presenting new diagnostic and therapeutic information. Second-opinions are given according to the case characterization, which is carried out by our analysts and in collaboration with an external consulting committee.

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